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Spiritual Energy Healing

Spiritual healing is ancient energy healing

that has been around for ages. 

Everything is energy, and you are energy as well. In this vibrationally and energetically charged healing session, you will experience a shift on a spiritual quantum level that is divinely guided by Divine Grace & Divine Love.  Your soul will guide you to your soul expansion, healing grace, and loving fulfillment that flows through you. The healing energy of this session will bring alignment within the feminine life force as well as the masculine life force where they will be joined in total sacred harmony.  


This healing session is uniquely designed for you and your specific needs.  


What to Expect in a Spiritual Healing Session

Spiritual Energy Healing utilizes life force energy.  Life force energy is passed on to the receiver through the practitioner, who serves as a conduit.   The recipient lies on the table fully clothed with shoes removed.  The session lasts anywhere from half an hour to an hour.  The recipient will feel relaxed, and may sometimes even fall asleep, allowing even deeper healing to take place.  Spiritual healing treatments can also be performed long distance when the client is unable to be physically present.  Spiritual healing will continue to work for three days after the treatment.  Therefore, for chronic problems, recipients are encouraged to return for additional sessions for the best results. 



Benefits of Spiritual Energy Healing 


- Creates deep relaxation

- Aids in better sleep

- Reduces blood pressure

- Levels out hormonal imbalances
- Alleviates nervous system 

- Helps relieve pain

- Supports immune system

- Promotes the body’s self-healing abilities 

- Increases vitality and postpones the aging process

- Can help with chronic problems like headache, eczema, asthma, 

- Reduces some side effects of drugs, chemotherapy, etc. 

- Helps the body to recover from drug therapy after surgery.

Price  $150.00   75 min session
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