Wellness Sessions 

Our healing rooms have been created to meet the specific needs of an individual.  Each room has specific intentions and they all work for the same goal. Create balance between the body, mind and spirit.  You might be drawn intuitively to the same healing room over and over or you might be guided to alternate between all of them. If you feel you need guidance we are happy to suggest a healing room for you based on your needs. 

Prices are per session, no matter what room you decide on.


1 session: 20 minutes -$45.00
1 session: 40 minutes- $75.00
1 session: 60 minutes- $100.00


1 Package of ten 20 minutes sessions:  $400.00
1 Package of ten 40 minutes sessions: $650.00
1 Package of ten 60 minutes sessions: $800.00