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Destination Transcendence

Bathing in the bright light from the Lucia N°03 Light grants you easier access to the hypnagogic state— the magical place between wakefulness and sleeping. In this state, we transcend the worries of the world, as well as perceived limitations. It is powerful for deep relaxation, lucid dreaming, creative visioning, intuition and returning to homeostasis.

What is Intuitive Light?
In the simplest terms, the Intuitive Light provides a wide-spectrum solid and flickering light programmed to unique frequency combinations.

Modern science is finally catching on to the wisdom that has been present on Earth for ages— we are beings of light and all of our cells communicate through light. The powerful light from the Intuitive Light enters your body through your closed eyes and travels to the central brain. 

Since our body (all the way down to our cells) understands this "light language", energetic blockages are cleared, stored emotions and traumas are released and stagnant energy is moved. It helps you release things you may not be aware that you were holding on to.


What can I expect from an Intuitive Light session?

Here are some commonly reported benefits from users of the Intuitive Light: shift of consciousness, joy, wonder, clarity, third eye opening, inner peace, deepening presence, deep relaxation, exaltation, increased compassion and intuition, reset of central nervous system, amongst many other things. 

You will recline comfortably in the beautiful "Transcendence" room while listening to intuitively selected music or guided meditation. 

As you close your eyes, you may witness the wonder playing behind your closed eyelids. Many people experience colors, sacred geometry, patterns, shapes, memories and lucid dreams.

Experiences are different for each person every time they encounter the light. As such, some people leave feeling deeply relaxed, while others leave their session feeling restored or energized. 

Cost: $75.00    30 min session
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