Board of Directors

Lenka Schulze

RMT, author, speaker, educator, Medical Intuologist, EFT practitioner, Vibrational Medicine Expert, and Certified Advanced Holistic Health Coach from the International Institute of Holistic Medicine with Norman Shealy MD, Ph.D, Lenka is the first Intuologist to join forces with a medical doctor in southwest Florida, working side by side with a medical doctor in their practice.

Lenka now collaborates with doctors throughout the country, teaches classes, and gives lectures; her book, Journey Of You, was published in 2019. Lenka is currently working on her Ph.D in Natural Medicine.

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Dr. Frank Ragonese

Dr. Frank has been an educator all his life.  He has a B.S., Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Northeastern University and a M.S. in the same discipline from the University of Michigan. He started teaching while he was still in graduate school working on his Ph.D. at Northeastern University. He has more than 35 years of experience in business and finance, including 10 years as head of Risk Management for one of the largest corporations in the world and 11 years as a portfolio manager. His favorite quote is “Anyone satisfied with the ‘status quo’ is probably not fulfilling their life’s purpose."

Brian Lee M.D.

Dr. Brian Lee grew up in the quintessential Mid-Western allopathic home and was gifted the opportunities to explore any field of endeavor. He chose to become a Medical Doctor.  As a son of a Mayo Clinic trained Orthopedic Surgeon and his mother, a Registered Nurse at Indiana University, Brian and the Lee family were entrenched in traditional Western Allopathic Medicine.

Brian has embraced his journey as his admitted vision since third grade was to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an Orthopedic Surgeon. Fate or Universal calling would change that path and guide him to employ his scientific and medical inclination, combined with artistic insight, a Psychology Degree in undergraduate training and the gift of intuition to become a Board Certified General Surgeon and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon (now twice recertified).  

His personal physical issues of psoriatic arthritis threatened the use of his hands and his career as a surgeon and altered his path to explore nutrition, essential oils and eventually energy medicine with Reiki training to become a Reiki Master and educator via Lenka Schulze’s guidance and mentorship.  

Reiki was just the beginning as this led to an introduction and relationship with Dr. Norman Shealy and his vast knowledge, experience with Bridging the Gap from Western Medical ideology to the Universal understanding that frequency and vibration and balancing the body is the KEY to ultimate health and well-being. The real gem is knowing that we have it within ourselves to do so. 

As humans, we tend to focus on the present, not understanding that our past has brought us to this point, our current decisions are paramount now and for our future and that we are in our control of the outcome.  

That is why Dr. Brian Lee has agreed to be a part of this organization as a Consultant, Advisor and Board Member: To help understand the POWER of YOU!


Dr. Claude Swanson Ph.D.

Dr. Claude Swanson Ph.D.  was educated as a physicist at MIT and Princeton University. During those years he worked at the MIT Science Teaching Center, Brookhaven National Laboratory and a Virginia cyclotron in the summer. At Princeton, he received the National Science Foundation Fellowship and Putnam Fellowship. His Ph.D.  thesis at Princeton was done in the “Gravity Group,” which focuses on experimental cosmology and astronomy, and was headed by Professor Robert Dicke. 


Dr. Claude Swanson conducted postgraduate work at Princeton and Cornell Universities. For the last twenty years, interspersed with his conventional professional career in applied physics, Dr. Swanson has pursued investigations into unconventional physics. His latest research focuses on a variety of phenomena which are not understood within conventional Western physics, and yet there is growing evidence that such phenomena occur. These include the effects of non-local consciousness and long range energy healing, as practiced in Traditional Chinese medicine. One of the keys to understanding these phenomena is a new form of energy which has so far been overlooked by Western physics, although it has a long history in oriental medicine. This energy has been variously called “Chi” by Traditional Chinese Medicine, “Prana”by Hindu yogis, and “Torsion” by modern Russian scientists. It serves to unify and explain many of the unusual aspects of consciousness and explains how the “life energy” interacts with the material world. 

Books Published:

“Life Force, The Scientific Basis”

“The Synchronized Universe”

“Science of the Soul, the Afterlife and the Shift”

Sergey Sorin, M.D., DABFM, is a Board Certified Physician with extensive experience in Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine and Emergency Medicine. He has served as Medical Director at the Bath, NY VA Hospital as well as several other organizations including Physician Weight Loss and Wellness Center, Tri-State Surgical Weight Loss Practice and Delphi/Workfit Healthcare.

He is currently CEO and Medical Director of the Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute, also known as International Institute of Holistic Medicine, which is the world’s premier Holistic Clinic continuing the work and almost 5 decade legacy of C. Norman Shealy, M.D. Ph.D, developer of TENS, spinal cord stimulation, Biogenics and Transcutaneous Acupuncture among other health innovations.

After a life-altering diagnosis and successful treatment of colon cancer in 2007, his focus has been on the broad field of Holistic Medicine.


His has been a published author, including latest book: 30 days to Self-Health (Balboa Press), as well as articles on nutrition, health and wellness including various newspapers and media and also scientific publications and articles including with Green County Medical Society, and Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journals (available on request).

He is actively involved in clinical research projects as well as several upcoming patents and scientific developments together with Dr. Shealy and is always learning and sharing the latest cutting edge science and healing modalities.

Together with Dr. Shealy, Dr. Sorin is a sought after speaker and keynote presenter at various National and International conferences and Holistic Organizations and serves as faculty at the Holos University Graduate Seminary and the Graduate Institute in CT.

Sergey Sorin, M.D., DABFM


Advisory Board


Desiree Rozen

Desiree has garnered success in her field by her dedication to and belief in her clients. She has been licensed in the state of Colorado as a mental health provider since 2001. Desiree holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Wyoming, and completed doctoral coursework in Social Work and Education at Colorado State University.

Cynthia Teneyck

Cynthia is a Rapid Transformational Therapy practitioner; she employs hypnotic regression techniques with reframing and neuro-linguistic affirmations to help people release subconscious blocks to their desired goals. Having studied with Mindful Schools, Cynthia has served as a mindfulness instructor for classes of elementary and middle school children, as well as creating mindfulness videos and giving lectures on the topics for adults. She has edited several books on mindfulness, as well as children's books, and cookbooks. Under Lenka's tutelage, Cynthia received her designation as a reiki master. Her dedication to optimizing well-being by enhancing our understanding of ourselves as manifestations of energy aligns harmoniously with the mission of the Wellness Energy Institute. 


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