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   Aura Imaging

Your Aura is measured by the biofeedback received through your hands when placed on the sensors; and is as unique as your thumbprint. According to New Age beliefs, humans vibrate with a certain energy-range, which simulates person's aura type, otherwise known as a personality color type. Knowing the meaning of each aura color personality type is the first step in understanding chi-energetic balance. 

          Color Personality Types

Red Personalities- Corresponds to life energy, physical activity, emotional-energetic strength, will-power and sexuality. 

Orange Personalities- Corresponds to creative, productive, and emotional expression of life energy.


Yellow Personalities-Corresponds to personal power, creative and intellectual thoughts.

Green Personalities- Corresponds to unconditional love, self love, and forgiveness. It relates the balance between body, mind,                                                        spirit, energy.

Blue Personalities- Corresponds to energetic communication, speech, social abilities, and emotional-energetic expression.


Indigo Personalities-Corresponds to intuition, vision, artistic and creative thoughts.

Violet Personalities-Corresponds to intuition, spirituality, and enlightenment. 

Price  $75.00   30 min session
* $45 when combined with another session
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